isabriefbutmeaningfulstory.Afterfishingnothingduringthepast84days,theoldfishermanSanDiegofinallycapturedasalmon,whichweightisover1500pounds.A" />


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The Old Man and the Sea

The <>is a brief but meaningful story. After fishing nothing during the past 84 days, the old fisherman San Diego finally captured a salmon, which weight is over 1500 pounds. After a tough struggle, exactly, three days’ standoff, the old man eventually killed the big fish that came to surface because of being exhausted. However, on the way to harbor, the old man was attacked by many sharks who tracked after the smell of the dead salmon, what he still hold was only the bone of the big fish when he arrived at port.

It is said that the author, Ernest Hemingway who is a great American writer wrote the novel in only eight weeks, basing on one of his friend’s true experience. He created the figure of the old man which was later called by people “tough man” and showed his life attitude and spiritual world. The most well-known sentence of this novel and also the topic of it is that: “man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” These words beco me belief of many readers.

In my opinion, the whole story is about a battle between an old man and the sea, both of which are considered to have symbolic meanings according to critics. The old man once was so energetic and strong but couldn’t get harvest f rom the sea. He used his old body and strong mind to fight against nature and challenge his fate. He did win a bit—he got the large fish, but he lost totally because he carried back only the skeleton of